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Join us for a cheese pairing at 6:30pm

Do you fancy yourself a freak of fromage? A gruyere groupie or brie believer? Are you loony for limburger? Join us for a glorious, guided tasting with the expert cheese mongers from Di Bruno Brothers! In lieu of a "cocktail hour" before the event begins, we offer you a private tour of cheeses and appropriate pairings. As James Beard has said, "Good cheese needs good companions", and I hope you'll be our companion for this unique experience. Proceeds benefit the Hepatitis B Foundation. If you have signed up for the cheese tasting, please keep an eye out for an email with a link to join the event.

Gift Box

Di Bruno Bros #1 best seller year after year, this gourmet gift box has just the right mix of everything. From their aged New York Cheddar, to rustic charcuterie, original recipe cheese spreads and antipasti. The Gala Gift Box contains all the makings of an Italian snacking feast. For added crunch, try their Black Lava Cashews, dusted with Hawaiian Black Lava sea salt. For a sweet finish, enjoy some small batch caramels. Abundance, indeed! Order now and receive a commemorative 30th Anniversary tumbler! This event is sponsored by Worth & Company, Inc. who has been providing award-winning mechanical construction, design/build, design-assist, industrial construction and maintenance services since 1976.



  1. Black Bomber Aged Cheddar (200 g) - An extra-aged, award-winning cheese with sharp & creamy notes crafted by Welsh cheesemaker, Snowdonia.
  2. Di Bruno Bros Cheese Spread (7.6 oz) - Our Cheese Spreads are a cheesy adventure for your palate.
  3. Pepper Shooters (7 oz) - Our fiery pepper shooters are a uniquely hearty treat that are ideal for snacking or as an addition to your next antipasti.
  4. Di Bruno Bros Salami (8 oz) - Meats made the authentic way. Our recipes and process stay true to traditional Italian salami, are produced with regional Italian spices and the old-world technique of slow air-curing for at least 45 days
  5. Di Bruno Bros. Imported Jam (7.1 oz) - Use our jam to pair with cheese or as a glaze for roast pork or chicken, or as a delicious condiment for cakes, jelly rolls, tartlets & pies.
  6. Di Bruno Bros. Artisan Candied Nuts (5 oz) - Crunchy nuts candied in the Old World style right in the pan! Perfect on its own as a snack or paired with cheese!
  7. Bequet Caramels (3 pcs) - We added just a few of these smooth, chewy caramels for a sweet punch to end your snacking session.
  8. Di Bruno Crostini (7.04 oz) - Twice-baked for a perfect crunch and all-natural with an old-world recipe, we could hardly improve upon our classic go-to cracker. Enjoy this with everything!
  9. Hepatitis B Foundation 30th Anniversary Commemorative Tumbler

Enter for a chance to win a pair of Apple Airpod Pros. Tickets are only $10!



We believe that nobody should die from hepatitis B. Your gift will help the Hepatitis B Foundation fulfill its mission to find a cure and improve the lives of those affected worldwide through research, education, public health and patient advocacy. Your donation will be put to work right away towards targeted outreach and research.